Qingdao Ruizhi Intelligent Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. began to produce processing equipment for the food industry in 2000. The company has a registered capital of 36 million, covers an area of 86 mu and a plant area of 39,000 square meters. There are 400+ employees, including 60+ R&D teams, 260+ production technicians, and 90+ sales and after-sales service personnel. After years of innovation ,research and development, the company's various products have achieved good market share and brand awareness in the food processing field, and it has developed into a comprehensive food industry intelligent equipment provider integrating design, research and development, manufacturing, sales and after-sales. The company has now entered the stage of guidance for listing on the ChiNext.

Since its establishment, the company has been adhering to the development concept of "forge ahead, intelligence creates future", constantly breaking through various technical difficulties, and has successively obtained more than 60 product patents, and has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, and OHSAS18001 professional Health and safety management system certification, intellectual property management system certification and European safety export CE certification, SGS certification, Successively won the "National High-tech Enterprise","National Specialized, Special New, Small Giant Enterprise","Shandong Academician Workstation","Shandong Gazelle Enterprise",Shandong Province "Top 100 Private Enterprises with Innovation Potential",Shandong Province "Modern Superior Industrial Cluster + Artificial Intelligence" Demonstration Enterprise,Shandong Province "Standardized Good Practice Certificate",Qingdao "High-tech Enterprise Listing Cultivation Bank" warehousing enterprise,Qingdao "Industry Leading Talents (Team)",Qingdao "Invisible Champion Enterprise","Qingdao Enterprise Technology Center",Qingdao "Technology Innovation Center",Qingdao "Top 20 Private Enterprises with Innovation Potential","Qingdao Specialized and New Model Enterprise","Digital Workshop" Demonstration Enterprise, “Qingdao professional unique and superior new products”,“Qingdao City Precision Weighing and Classifier Expert Workstation”and so on.Now the company has weighing, grading and quantitative packaging equipment division, poultry slaughtering and segmentation equipment division, cooked and prepared food processing equipment division, providing food companies with comprehensive systemic intelligent equipment and customized demand solutions and services.

Over the years, the company has won the trust of domestic and abroad customers by virtue of advanced production concepts, excellent product quality, and professional customer service. Become a long-term partner with many large domestic food processing companies, including New Hope Liuhe Group, CP Group, Sunner Group, COFCO Group, Dacheng Group, Wens Group,Zhangzidao Group and more than 1100 customers. And products have been exported to Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, Indonesia, Bahrain, Malaysia, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Latvia, Nigeria, Taiwan and other countries and regions.

  • 3600+

    Registered capital of
    36 million

  • 86+

    Covers an area of
    86 acres

  • 39000+

    39,000 square meters of

  • 400+

    More than 400

  • 60+

    R & D team of more than
    60 people

  • 260+

    More than 260 technical


The company's mission

To provide overall solutions for intelligent equipment in the food industry and continue to create maximum value for customers.

The company's vision

 To be a first-class enterprise, To create a world brand.

The company's core values

Equality, Voluntariness, Integrity, and Bring value to each other.

The company's tenet

Take the customer as the center, build a service-oriented manufacturing enterprise, and advocate the integrated development of the company and customers and employees.

The spirit of the company

Forge ahead ,intelligence creates future , Be brave in innovation, and continue to surpass.

The company's style

Focus, Efficiency, Hard work, Collaboration, Responsibility, Extreme.

Company atmosphere

Enjoy self-respect, Be cared for, Respect fairness, Revere innovation, Love the team, and Focus on efficiency.


2020 year  

The second phase of the company is project was completed and put into use. New two-story workshops and living facilities were built, and the ERP system was officially launched and put into use.All those projections realized the expansion of the company is production capacity and improved production capabilities.

2019 year  

The company introduces and comprehensively implements equity incentives, so that employees and the company form a community of interests, and promote the common growth of the company and employees, thereby helping the company to achieve the long-term goal of stable development.

2018 year  

The company officially changed its name to Qingdao Ruizhi Intelligent Equipment Technology Co., Ltd.on Feb. 6, 2018. The company opened a new chapter of development with a brand-new concept and product layout.

2017 year  

Establish a standardized system for R&D and design to lay the foundation for the company to realize the use of the ERP system for data-based operations.

2016 year  

Established a cooperative relationship with Okada Suisan CO. LTD of Japan, which opened the company is first step towards the international market.

2014 year  

Enriched R&D product line and production line.Porceed Independent research and development, production and sales of various industrial intelligent equipment for food industry.

2013 year  

According to market research and customer request, company continuously developed various products and obtained a number of national technology patents.

2012 year  

The company is first self-developed grading machine was put on the market.

2011 year  

Established Qingdao Ruizhi Intelligent Precision Weighing Equipment Technology Co., Ltd.Company eliminated the previous rough production lines and introduced large-scale equipment processing, manufacturing machine, improved production technology, established R&D centers and after-sales service centers. Improved the company’s product independent research and development capabilities. Provide professional and convenient after-sales service for customers.

2010 year  

Had technical cooperation with German Rehaberg Johnson Messtechini Gmbh companies.We became the first domestic company that introduced the food weight classifier equipment technology.The products were quickly applied in the food processing industry, and had been established strategic partnerships with many leading food companies.



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