Processing capacity

  • 01. Workshop

    The workshop has been completed in 4 phases with a total area of 39,000 square meters.

  • 02. Sheet metal

    Sheet metal laser cutting machine; laser pipe cutting machine; CNC bending machine.

  • 03. Machining CNC

    Machining CNC machine tools; CNC machining centers; gantry machining centers; high-speed saws.

  • 04. Welding

    Welding electric welding/argon arc welding; welding robot; butt welding machine.

  • 05. Manufacturing center

    Manufacturing center 2 processing lines; 3 assembly lines

Technology R & D

The R&D center has a R&D director, product manager, and project manager. Each product has a designated and responsible product manager ; provide customized equipment and solutions according to different production scenarios of the enterprise; conduct regular market research and develop new products closely following market trends; successively won more than 60 certifications and patent certificates such as SGS certification, high-tech enterprise certification, specialization and special new product technology certification, and 3A-level credit enterprise certification.

  • 60+

    R & D design staff

  • 280+

    Production technician

  • 60+

    Invention patent

After-sales warranty

  • Respond quickly

    Response within 2 hours

    Repair at customer's factory within 48 hours

  • Free maintenance

    Provide free maintenance 3 times during the warranty period

  • Technical Support

    Free on-site inspection for life

  • Service extension

    Organize equipment maintenance training every quarter

The after-sales service center has more than 40 after-sales managers, telephone customer service, after-sales engineers, and maintenance personnel

After-sales service area management, perfect network, quick response

The product warranty period is one year. During the warranty period, accessories except vulnerable parts will be replaced free of charge.