• Intelligent Frying Production Line

    Tumbler, sizing machine, flour coating machine, continuous fryer, pressure oil filter equipped with weighing, packaging and check weighing equipment, suitable for all kinds of cooked food and prepared goods enterprises.

  • Intelligent Braised Production Line

    Intelligent temperature control, multiple formula selection, automatic feeding, automatic discharging, automatic cleaning, automatic storage basket

    It is applied to many large enterprises such as Dezhou Braised Chicken, Daokou Roasted Chicken, Xinfusheng (Liuting Pig's Trotter), etc. It is energy-saving, safe, environmentally friendly, time-saving and labor-saving, and product quality is better and more stable.

  • Intelligent basket transfer, data collection, cleaning, and temporary storage system

  • Automatic product transfer, grading, temporary storage, weighing, and packaging system