Multi head weighing machine

  • Model:DTC-5L-14-C

  • Range:It is suitable for quantitative weighing of large target weight or large capacity of materials such as potatoes, onions, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, chicken and duck frozen products.

1. Factory parameter setting recovery function.

2. It can be automatically paused when there is no material, so that the weighing is more stable.

3.High-precision digital sensor to achieve high-speed and accurate weighing.

4.The monitor has its own help menu for easy learning and use.

5.100 sets of parameter setting can be stored to realize various material requirements.

6.The linear vibration can be adjusted independently during operation, which can make the feeding more uniform and improve the combination accuracy.

Mechinaical Character:

1.The maximum length of the material can reach 180mm.

2.Professional main vibrating plate, rotary main vibrating machine design, make the material flow better to th line vibrating plate.

3.Adopting a 40-degree feeding chute, the material can be quickly passed into the packaging machine when feeding.

4.Special IP65 waterproof cabinet is more conductive to cleaning and effective protection of various electrical components.

Device model


Weighing range


Weighing accuracy


Max. weighing speed


Single bucket capacity


Operation interface

7"/10" touch screen

Drive method

Stepper motor

Power requirements


Equipment size (L*W*H)


Equipment weight