Weight grading machine

  • Model:FJ-10J-500G-A

  • Range:It is suitable for sorting chicken duck frozen poultry products, wet sea cucumber, shrimp,etc. Can greatly improve the production efficiency of the product.

Weight grading machine can put products into hoppers, and check each product's weight accordint to specified category and level. Hoppers can be customized made according to product's feature, with better adaptability.It also helps to protect the sorted products from being damaged.The sorting level can be increased according to user needs, efficiently replacing manual sorting, and improving production efficiency and benefits.

Sorting modelFJ-10J-500G-A
Sorting categeries5-21

Speed (per min)

The speed is determined by the product itself and the filling weight

Sorting precision0.1g
Sorting error±0.5g-1g
Measurement (L*W*H)(5-7 grade)3.4*1*1.6/(8-10 grade)4.2*1*1.6/(11-12 grade)4.5*1*1.6
Power supply220V
Motor power200W-400W
Weigh systemIP69
Measuring range2g-500g
Protection gradeIP68/IP69K