Tunnel cleaning machine

  • Model:QX-5-10-A

  • Range:This equipment is widely used in modernt food companies to clean turnover baskets and quick-freeze trays.

The Tunnel type cleaning machine is used to clean various food turnover baskets, quick-freezing trays and other tray basket products and remove water droplets.The equipment consists of conveying part, spray cleaning part, air knife dehydrating part and control part. The spray part is composed of 4 parts., one is the pre-cleaning part (hot water, two layers of drawer filter) and second is high-pressure clean water cleaning part (special stainless steel high-pressure nozzle). The third is the clean water circulation cleaning part and the fourth is the tap water cleaning part. The dehydrating part uses high-pressure air generated by the fan to remove water through the sealing ring air knife. It is a high automation, adapts to flow operations, and is easy to clean and maintain. 

Technical Specification

Main material

304 stainless steel



Power supply


Maximum power


Water consumption


Basket sizez

According to customer requirements


Maximum 600 baskets/hour

Protecgtion grade