Intelligent Braised Production Line

  • Model:

  • Range:Digester and Halogen & digest cooking line is combined with traditional processing technology research and develpment of a new generation of food cooking equipment, with automatic constant temperature control system and circulating irrigation system of the soup stock, suitable for halogen cooking chicken, grilled chicken, roast duck, pig's feet, prk products, meat products, canned products, etc.

The pot body is made of stainless steel, which meets the food hygiene standards. Digester can according to the formula of set parameters,automatic heating, heat preservation, cooling function, the design concept of pot increase the rate of the production at the same time, and convenient the transhipment of products, and formed a set of contains cleaning, transhipment, cooking function of production lines, to set a solid foundation for the realization of intelligent factory.

Technical Specification


The external dimension is customized according to the specific requirement of customers.

Protection grade


CAM rotor pump

Rotating speed 409r/min. Quantity flow 5m3/h

Floating ball trap

Continuous drainage. Automatically adjusted according to the condensing water amount.

Way of heat

Heat by steam or electricity

Effective volume

Customized according to the requirements of customers.